【Online Viewing】Kozo Nishino: Walking in the Sky | 西野康造「空を歩く」

Date: 2020.05.30

【Online Viewing】 Kozo Nishino: Walking in the Sky

In this Online Viewing, we present a record of Kozo Nishino’s solo exhibition held in January 2020, along with documentation of the artist talk that features precious photos of landscapes that became invaluable to Nishino’s art making. We also present a selection of Nishino’s newest public artworks and his most representative works so far, an array of his “delicate” yet dynamic sculptural expression that can be enjoyed even outside of the gallery space.

【Online Viewing】 西野康造「空を歩く」 

Online Viewingでは、2020年1月に開催した西野康造の個展「空を歩く」の展覧会記録と、制作の原風景となった貴重な写真とともに対談記録をお届けします。また、西野の最新のパブリックアートやこれまでの代表作をピックアップし、ギャラリー空間以外でも愉しめる“繊細” でダイナミックな表現をご紹介します。

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01 西野康造「空を歩く」展覧会記録 >>

02 Talk show (Exhibition’s related event, speaker: Tadashi Kobayashi x Kozo Nishino) archive *Japanese only >>
02 「空を歩く」対談   小林公 (兵庫県立美術館学芸員)  x 西野康造 >>

03 Latest & Available Works >>
03 最新作、これまでの作品事例など >>

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